Creating a Course Entirely in Quizmaker

Mar 14, 2012

I have an interesting situation. I have a course which starts out with the question:

Are you a U.S. Citizen? (Yes/No)

If they answer is yes, the user progresses through the training and answers 2 more quesitons at the end of the course. If the user answers no, they should not be taking the course at all.

Here's the kicker, the SME needs to know whether the user answered No to the first question.

I'm thinking my only option is to build the course entirely in Quizmaker since you can only report on one quiz. Has anyone run across a situation similar to this? How did you decide to proceed?

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Peter Anderson

Hi James,

From Jeanette, via this helpful article on creating customized feedback using branching and blank slides:

"It's not currently possible to hide the blank slides from appearing in the question navigation panel. The one thing you could do, though, is enter a blank space for the Navigation Name, and unmark the "Include in question count" box (both these options are in the Form View of the question editor). This will make it less likely that users will use the question navigation panel to jump to a blank slide. There will still be an empty line in the list, however, and it'll still be clickable - just not quite as noticeable as if the title were listed there."

If you'd like the option to hide blank slides in future builds, you could always submit a feature request. Good luck, James!

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