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May 31, 2013


I noticed all the buttons available to me a certain stages throughout the quiz process. Like the "previous" and "next" buttons. Is there any way that I can add those instead of the questions list or even have both as the individual is taking the test, not just during the review period?

Second, on the "Pass" and "Fail" pages there are fields that auto populate from the quiz. Where can I get a list of those fields?

Also, I would like the "Pass" and "Fail" pages to read that the score was: " 9 out of 10 correct" instead of a percentage and/or points values. Is this possible.



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Lori,

I'm afraid I'm having trouble understanding your first question. Are you wanting to show "Previous" and "Next" on the question slides, instead of "Submit".. or?

You can customize the "Pass" and "Fail" slides by clicking on either of the shortcuts. If you want to modify the content that appears on the slides, click on "Slide View".

Now, for your final question. You can remove the percentage that appears on the slide, if you'd like and simply keep the points that are displayed. I'm not sure if there's a way to show a "X out of X" score, though. 

If you want to remove the percentage, you can simply delete the text on the slides where it says .

I hope this helps!

If you can provide a little more information on your first question, I'll see if I can get you some information.


Lori Simms

That was a little helpful! I know my questions were a little bit spaz! :-0 I asked to many in one post. Let's see if I can break it down a little better.

1. Yes, I would like to know if I can add the "Previous" and "Next" on the question slides (or any other available button for that matter)?

2. I found the way to customzie the "Pass" and "Fail" slides as you have shown above. Can I get a list of the available fields so that I can use them anywhere?

3. You answered the third question!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Lori,

No problem! Just wanted to make sure I completely understand what you're asking.

1) The only way I know of to add a "Next" button would actually remove the "Submit" button until the final question of the quiz. That option would be to use the "Submit all at once" setting for the entire quiz. Keep in mind that changing your quiz to "Submit all at once" will basically disable the feedback for each individual question since the answers aren't submitted until the quiz is finished. 

Navigation – Articulate Quizmaker ’09 Help

2) Really not sure which "fields" you're after here. They're usually pretty much the same for default slides. You can add your own, in Slide View, if you like. You can also modify the defaults in Form View - maybe what you're after is available in Form View?

3) Awesome! :D

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