customized feedback branching not functioning properly

Aug 15, 2012

I am working in Quizmaker trying to branch feedback from a question so I can use a transparent slide view (transparent popups with feedback don't work well). I have reviewed the Creating Customized Feedback with Blank Slides and Branching tutorial and when I have published the one quiz slide to see whether or not it works properly, I have been unable to answer the question correctly or incorrectly, receive the appropriate feedback, and then pick back up on the next slide in the presentation. If I answer correctly, click on Submit, then I must click on Next which takes me to the incorrect feedback and then back to the presentation. If I answer incorrectly, the Submit button doesn't function at all.

I have tried this with True/False and Multiple Response questions with the same result. What have I missed?

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Diane Yamashiro

Hi Janelle, how do you have your feedback settings? Do they look something like this:

  • Slide #1 - Question:  if correct, branch to slide 2; if incorrect, branch to slide 3
  • Slide #2 - Feedback slide for correct answer: both correct and incorrect feedback settings branch to slide 4
  • Slide #3 - Feedback slide for incorrect answer: no change; should automatically go to slide 4
  • Slide #4 - Next question
Janelle Edgemon

Thanks, Diane. It isn't clear to me how to make slide 4 the next question.If I have blank slides 2 and 3 branch to finish quiz, it doesn't work correctly. If I create a new blank slide (#4) and then branch to finish, I have to click through a blank slide to finish. Either way, I am unable to submit the quiz if the answer is wrong. Help?

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