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Jeanette Brooks

Hey Bethre, sounds like you've adjusted your quiz frame background to be a transparent color -- and currently the same color customizations you apply to your quiz frame will also be applied to the feedback pop-ups. Couple workarounds: (1) you could change the quiz frame background back to a solid (nontransparent) color that goes well with the rest of your course; this would allow the feedback popups to show up opaque again. The downside of course is that your PowerPoint slide master will no longer show through behind your quiz slides. Or: (2) You could keep the transparent background, but instead of using feedback pop-ups for your feedback, you could instead branch to a blank slide(s) for the feedback. This way you can customize the feedback to look however you want.

That said, it would make a great feature request to be able to control the color of the quiz frame and the feedback popups separately.

Hope that helps!