Finish and Print buttons not working in IE 11 using QM 09

This is an admitted known issue with Articulate and has been going on for months now, still no fix, just a workaround that users are not interested in doing as they have to go into their IE 11 browser settings to make it work.  I have been told time and time again that they are still working on a fix for this but it will soon take longer to get a fix then it took then to make QM 13.

I have even submitted a Case with Articulate and the engineers just say to use the workaround. 

This is a big deal problem for QM 09 users and it just isn't getting addressed.

How about it Articulate staff, when is this permanent fix going to happen? 

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Larry Hieb

Leslie McKerchie said:

Hi Larry!

We released Studio '09 Update 10 on February 11th.

Articulate Studio '09 Update 10 is now available. It fixes an issue where content wouldn't track properly in an LMS when viewed in Internet Explorer 11. Download it here.

I'm not using an LMS - just uploading the QM09 files to my server.  Do you think this fix of Feb. 11th will make it so the Finish and Print buttons at the end of an test will work?