Help on Quizmaker Blank Pages for Correct and Wrong Feedback

May 14, 2012

I am facing error with quizmaker. After the first 3 questions is done for example, I select Question 1 from the top left corner dropdownlist. When I click on the Next button, it brings me to both the Correct and Wrong feedback blank pages that were created.

Is there anyway I can not show the Correct and Wrong feedback pages in the dropdownlist and also not link to them when the Next button is clicked?

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Melissa _

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your reply. I have attached the quiz file for you to take a look. I have branched them correctly and it's working fine. It only happens when I am doing the questions and have not completed them yet, and I select the question from the left top dropdownlist, the pages just go to the next. I am unable to set the branchind for this. Could you help solve this issue?

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