Help....why are some of my answers not showing when published?

May 04, 2011

Hi - can anyone help me with trying to figure out why some of my answers don't display when publishing a course with a quiz.  It is very random - some do and some don't and it affects all question types (e.g. drag and drop, multiple choice etc).  Is this anything to do with the anti virus software I have loaded on my pc - I currently use Kaspersky anti virus 2011?

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Widya  Y

Hi Guys!

I only put the zip file in the Dropbox and it is not run from the Dropbox.

I have just finished another QuizMaker project.... and the missing multiple question answer happened again.

Then I checked that I chose to publish in Web format. No randomized questions... and then I guess the most important

thing is: in the player template, check for:"Resize browser to fill screen" and "LOCK PLAYER AT OPTIMAL SIZE"

If I don't put in "LOCK....." I experience some missing answers. Hope this works with you!

Karen Wagstaffe

Hi all - on the smaller quizzes the above suggestions regarding the resizing browser to fill screen seems to have fixed the problem (smaller quiz being 10 questions from a bank of 20)  and have tested it about 8 times now so quite happy with this.  I was able to keep the random option also.

However, the problem is still happening on one of my larger quizzes (50 questions) and I have tried all permitations (e.g. unchecking randomised, Resizing browser to fill screen" and "LOCK PLAYER AT OPTIMAL SIZE" etc). Is there a maximum file size and if so, what is this as I may have to split my course / quiz to factor this in.



Karen Wagstaffe

Hi all - once again, I am experiencing problems with QM and missing text (having now published this course over 15 times trying to figure out what is wrong....I once again call for help...?  The course (and quiz) is a slightly bigger course at just over 32MB....The quiz is configured to:-

1. Random questions (40 out of a bank of 87)

2. Shuffle answers

3. Text as Arial (not articulate)

4. Resize browser to fill screen

5. Lock player at Optimal Size

Any other suggestions as to why I am still having this problem?



Ali Ahmed

Hello All,

One of my colleague is experiencing this same problem since long, we have even contacted articulate support for so many times but their suggestions and advices don't really work. This is a very frustrating issue. What we do, my colleague give final developed Quiz Maker files to me and then I publish them, there is no publishing or text disappearance problem in my computer.  Please help me and my colleagues also, in solving this issue.

Jeff Nauman

By any chance do you have Carbonite service installed on your machine? A couple of years ago I had the same problem- Articulate Support indicated a conflict with the Carbonite service. When I wanted to publish a quiz or a presentation with a quiz in it, I had to UNINSTALL Carbonite until my publication was complete and reinstall afterward. I don't know if the conflict was ever resolved, but I chose to discontinue the Carbonite service and haven't had a problem since. Just sayin'...

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