Hide Finish Button of a quiz in a presenter (articulate 13)

Hello !,

I would like to hide the finish button in the player of results slide of a quiz which is in a presenter course. This Presenter course will be upload in a LMS, so the finish button doesn't run.

I tried all solutions I found about this subjet for presenter 09, but nothing seems to be ok for Sudio 13 :

- modify the file flashcommand.js (it doesn't hide de button, but an alert box should be appear):

case "ART_CloseAndExit":
if (!g_bLMS)
alert('Please close the window')

I don't have a flashcommand.js file in my SCORM publication

- execute a swf object on the quiz results slide with the code : _root.g_mcFrame.mcFinish._visible = false

-> The finish button is already in my publication with Studio 13

Have you an idea to hide this button in articulate studio 13 ?

Thank you in advance,

Best regard,


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sarah!

Removing the Finish button from a quiz result slide isn't currently supported. However, you can turn off the result slide, which effectively removes the Finish button. See this tutorial to learn how to turn off the result slide.
If you would like to see this handled differently, you are welcome to share your thoughts with our product development team here.