How to insert question numbers in quizmaker 13

Aug 26, 2015


I'm using Articulate Studio Professional 13. After making quiz while previewing , it is showing question list, but after published the files, I unable to see the question list.  How to insert the question numbers in quiz files. I want to see current slide # / total number of slide #. ( so that user can easily get to know, in which question they are in...and out of questions). If anyone knows, Kindly help me in this regard.




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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Meera!

The closest option would be to use the "Question List" option in the Quizmaker '13 player options. This will not number the questions, but it will give learners a better idea of where they are and how many questions there are in the quiz. 

Another option would be to modify the name of the question to include a number. Of course, if you're randomizing questions, this probably won't work for your project.

If you'd like to see additional options in Quizmaker '13, please let our development team know.

Meera C

Hi Leslie,

I have already done your first choice "Question List" option. But, while previewing the quiz it is showing the Question list in the top. after published the course it is not visible.  For that do I need to do any settings over here.

I have done a module around 30 slides and finally assessment part is there. While making quiz in assessment part, Question List is working fine. After publishing the entire module, in quiz slide -the question list is not visible in the top.



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