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Monique Homann

Hi Lou, 

Not sure if you are using a custom submit button or Articulate's built in submit button, if the later, Leslie's suggestion would work best.

Could you attach your file here, or e-mail me (as per PM) so that I can have a look to see how you have set up the question. 

Many thanks, 
Monique Homann

Monique Homann

HI Lou, 

Makes sense :-)

On the slide with your question, go to Form View (where you indicate which question is correct/incorrect etc.) 

In the feedback section at the bottom, you can click on the "more" button for the correct and/or incorrect answers, and under "Branch to following", select the slide that you what the user to be redirected to when selecting the correct/incorrect answer.



Hope this helps!

Kind Regards,
Monique Homann

Natosha Gallegos

Hi Leslie, I realize this question was posted 3 years ago but I'm needing to add triggers to some manually added buttons within a QUizmaker file.  I cannot find where to do this.  I only ever see Result Slide Options on the right.  Is this possible in Quizmaker?  I see you provided a screenshot above but I'm not sure how to get the Triggers panel to appear.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Natosha,

No worries. This is an older conversation and I fear the placement may be a tad confusing.

It's posted in the Quizmaker forum, but the question was specific to Storyline.

Quizmaker does not have triggers/trigger panels for you to work with.

The good news is that you have Articulate 360, so you have Storyline 360 as well. You can import the slides you've already created and proceed with your custom buttons/triggers if needed.