Hyperlink/Branch to Specific Question Group Based on Role

Hi All,

Been a while since I have been on the boards, but I am having trouble finding any solutions to the following problem.

I have a course that provides customized content, in one course, for 3 different roles.  When a learner completes their respective role, they are taken to a Final Assessment.

I currently have the assessment setup with a Survey in front that asks them select their role and this branches them out to their role's question group. 

Is there a way for me to eliminate the survey portion and link them directly to a question group?  Or, is there a way to link them directly to a blank page for that role in QM that then links/branches them to the question group.

So basically, I am looking for a seamless way to have this all happen in one QM file, with the learner not having to specify their role, and to handle SCORM completion for any role in one QM file.

Make sense?  Oh boy...any help would be appreciated.



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Brian Batt

Hi Law and welcome to Heroes,

Yes, you can accomplish this using some creative branching.  For an example, see the link below:


Here's the quiz file for your review:


If you have any questions after reviewing the file, please let me know.
Law Blank

Hi Brian,

Thank you for the very helpful information.  I have the branching withing QM down now.  Is it possible to branch to a specific question group from my presentation (i.e. on the last page of a specific role, they are branched/linked directly to their corresponding role in the assessment?)   This is ultimately what I am after, but not sure there is a way to do it.

Thanks again.

John Corbett

Hi Brian,

I downloaded the sample quiz by role: Works well and I understand the logic, especially of having the choice as the first portion of the quiz, not the course. Question: Can I set up the same or similar logic in Storyline? I imported the Quizmaker file into Storyline but cannot seem to set things up properly so that the results slide tabulates a percentage and score just for the role-based selection of questions the learner has chosen to answer? Can this be done in Storyline, too?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi John,

I'm not certain that Brian is subscribed to this thread, as it's a bit older - but you can set this up within Storyline. I wanted to point you to a few other threads where community members were looking to set up similar. 

This one is about taking the course with different languages, and there is an example from Josh that you could modify, and an additional thread here with a Screenr from Owen.

John Corbett

Hi Ashley,

Thanks. Meanwhile, I figured out a way using simple true/false variables: one for each 'role' for a course. Once a learner selects a role (by, clicking button, for example), that sets the true/false variable for that role to true. From that point on, I can switch that learne down various paths through a course and event with an assessment (which takes the learner to a set of questions in a branched assessment). With some tweaking of the results slide, it reports on a score. Next, I'll try this out in a test area on our LMS. I'll also check out the links you included above (the language option sounds interesting as we do "other"-language courses, too). Thanks!