Insert a Quizmaker .swf into Presenter?

I know the output .swf for an Engage '09 interaction can be inserted as a flash movie to play within a slide, but is it possible to do the same for Quizmaker '09 files?

I have tried to accomplish this using the same method as you would with an Engage .swf, but when I preview the slide (or indeed publish it), all I get is the loading circle.

Any input would be appreciated!

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Antony Snow

Hi Brian,

The slide I am wanting to add the quiz.swf to has a specific area for content (rather than using the full slide), so I am looking to specify the size and position of the quiz rather than have it full screen.

I personally think that inserting an engage.swf  as a flash movie makes the slide look a lot more slicker (as well as allowing you to maintain the same apprearance as the 'regular' slides) and thought it would be good if the same could be done using a quiz.swf too. 

Jeff Kettler

I haven't tried it yet, but as Brain said, you should be able to insert the quiz.html file as a web object and then manually copy the output files from your published Quizmaker project to the correct folder in your published Presenter project. You'd have to play around with it to figure out where the quiz files would need to be placed, but it should work.


Antony Snow

Hi Ayesha,

As yet, I have been unable to accomplish what I was wanting to, but I have been using the following alternative.

Following a screenr (from Jeanette Brookes, I think), I have created a transparent colour scheme for my quizzes. Once I have inserted the quiz into my presentation, I apply the relevant slide master, which is then visable behind the quiz when the slide is previewed or published.

By doing so, I am able to make my quiz seem more a part of the module AND track the scores in an LMS if I wish. 

Judy B.

I just happened on this as I'm trying to insert a quiz to take up only part of the slide.  I too have pertinent information on an existing slide and simply want to have 1 multiple-response question on the same slide as a transition to the content on the next slide.  I want to give my vote to an enhancement of Quizmaker 09 that would allow it to be inserted on to an existing slide and sized to fit where I want it to go.