item analysis

Is there any way to pull aggregate item data from s a specific group of Quizmaker questions so I can analyze how groups of people answered individual questions (% who chose each answer, % who did not attempt to answer the question, etc.)? I know that capability isn't built in so I'm wondering if anyone has developed a way to get this information via scripting and database or otherwise?



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Brian Batt

Hi Patti and welcome to Heroes,

Are you talking about pulling data from specific groups of questions that are created within Quizmaker?  If so, it's not currently possible to sort data based upon the "groups" in Quizmaker.

Alternatively, are you wanting to compare how certain groups of people did on a Quizmaker quiz?  If you have access to Articulate Online, you could put your end-users into groups & then run reports on each group individually.  Then, export the data into a CSV and compare them in Excel.

Patti Shank


I want to pull data from individual QM questions in order to improve those questions or instruction. For example... which questions are missed often (maybe the question is poorly worded or the instruction isn't adequate). I knew it wasn't possible using normal means but was wondering if anyone had found a way to export question data (such as the % of people who chose each answer to a question) to a spreadsheet where I could analyze further...