Link to two different documents on results page

Hello!  I have a Quizmaker quiz within a Presenter file.  If the learner passes, I want to include a link to one document on the results page and if they fail, I want to link to a different document.  I added a hyperlink to my PDF document name and put the two different documents in the output file.  For some reason, no matter if they pass or fail, the link is going to the pass document.  Can you only link one document in this way?

Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated!




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Ali Goulet

Hi Kim,

Sorry this is happening! Would you mind sharing your Presenter Package here for us to take a closer look at and do some testing? You can add it as an attachment right to a comment in this thread or if you'd rather share it with our Support Engineers privately, you can do so by way of this form. Thanks! :)