LMS Quiz Detailed Report from QuizMaker

We're told that in order to run reports that include details on individual test questions, we need to include a Question Level Detail (.QLD) file in the .zip package exam upload.  I've looked on all the zip folders and do not see an extension.  

Can anyone enlighten me as to what they are looking for?  

I'm not sure if they are speaking of Captivate quiz and if this is done in Quizmaker what is the file (extension) and folder it is located in the zip file?

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Justin Grenier

Good Morning Cindy, and welcome to Heroes!

Here is a complete list of the quiz data that we send to your LMS via SCORM and AICC.  We do this automatically, without any intervention or manual adding of files needed on your part.

I've never heard of a .qld file and don't have a clue how one might be implemented in an effort to gather detailed quiz results.  Perhaps someone in the community had an idea, but if not, you'll want to ask your LMS provider for more details on how they'd like you to implement the solution they are recommending.

Please let us know if you need anything else, and have a great day!

Cindy Ross

Hi Nancy. We're still dealing with Meridian on this. They actually told us that Articulate isn't SCORM compliant.  Yes they did!

Here's what I can tell you.   If you call Articulate Product Support you can download a "trace tool".  This tool will log everything the course is spilling out (all the scorm data).  With that said, we are taking this back to Meridian and asking them to tell us what part of SCORM  compliance Articulate isnt providing them to generate this report.   (Won't let Meridian bad mouth an authoring tool that sets precedence on industry standards)

I've worked with many other LMS providers and used nothing but Articulate (because they know what SCORM compliance is) and they have all been able to give me the reports without this "qld" data.

Oh, this is going to get resolved with Meridian next week, the meeting won't end until it does.  The higher powers where I work say it is so.  So stay tuned.  Cindy