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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Cato!

Yes, the matching is one-to-one and if the user didn't choose the right 'good' to match, then they would get it incorrect.

I know this is a common discussion among drag and drop moreso than drop down, but if you are open to other ideas, I know users have utilized other methods to accomplish similar goals and you may want to check out some other threads:

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Cato Holm

Hi- I have tried the suggested approach, but it seemed not to catch up Wwth my idea. So- I went to an article about free form Q's and found the solution if someone is interested to follow up or use it as an idea. The idea is found under intro sessions to Quizzm 13. Drag and drop free form. You may have as many Drag's  into a Drop as you whish actually. Smart and I got some new ideas how to "shape" the drag and drops and make it look nice. Thank you! If somenone have more examples of this feel free to let us now!