Matching Multiple Choices with two options

Oct 02, 2019

I created a matching question with 9 choices and only 2 possible matches. These choices would fall in either of those 2 matches. When I test the question in Articulate Review, I select the right match for each of the choices. When I clicked 'Submit' I got the answer wrong. The only guess I have is the way the match is coded will correspond to the choice entered in the Form View. It's not just matching the text entered. Is there any way to override this or is there another option? The slide is too small to set up a drag and drop bc the choices are wordy, so I went with the matching question.


Choice 1  --------EpiPen

Choice 2---------EpiPen

Choice 3---------AdrenaClick

Choice 4---------EpiPen

Choice 5---------AdrenaClick

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Faye

because SL shuffles the matches, it is expecting the exact match of how it was set up.  To show what I mean I colour coded the only if red epipen is matched to choice 1 and not choice 2 or choice 5 will it be marked correct and so on for the other matches.

Could you perhaps do a drag and drop where Epipen and Clicker are the Drop targets and the choices are the drag items.

Like this 

or if you're saying the choices textboxes are too large, then you can sit all the choices on top of each other and use the 'reveal' drag items one at a time - that will save some room


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