Moodle 2.0 and Quizmaker

Mar 26, 2012


I am wondering if anyone has any resources on how to capture quiz results from a Quizmaker quiz to Moodle's grade book?

I'm  working with an instructor that wants all the quizzes in Articulate (and this published Articulate file that has quizzes in them, is sitting inside of a linked page in Moodle). She wants the results of the students' quizzes in the grade book so SHE (not the students) can see how many times they took the quiz, what their results were each time, etc. She does not want the quizzes (from the user's perspective) linked in any way to Moodle (in other words, she doesn't want the students to have to leave their Articulate/Quizmaker experience and then come back to Articulate to go to their next learning section that's in Articulate). She just wants the results of the quizzes to be captured in the grade book for her own use.

I found this resource on our community blog:

But it doesn't really seem to give me what I'm needing.

Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with this?


~ Renee

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