Multiple Quizzes in a Course


I'm a new Articulate user (just got the Studio 09...very nifty!).  I have a course with 20 quiz questions sprinkled throughout the course.  My understanding is to create multiple quizzes and then let the last quiz be the "completion" quiz.  Is that correct?  I don't need the others scored...I just want users to have to choose the correct answer before proceeding to the next screen.  So, I have several questions...

1. Do I need to set anything special on the other quizzes so they won't score?  Or is scoring OK?

2. How will Presenter know to take the score of the last quiz as part of the completion requirement that also includes the screen count?

3. Quizzes evidently have a "Finish" button.  Can I disable that since I don't want users to get the idea that they're done after the first quiz?

4. Photos placed in quiz questions have a magnifier icon.  Can I disable it since the photos don't contain info related to the question on the page?

Anything else I need to know about multiple quizzes that may keep me from pulling my hair out? 

We've published this course through Captivate which has caused several problems with our LMS...hoping Articulate is going to be our answer!

Thanks in advance for assistance!


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Lisa - welcome!

Let me see if I can answer your questions:

  1. Nope, they won't get scored because when you publish for LMS, if you want to track learners based on their quiz score, you'll need to select a single quiz from your course to use for the scoring data. More on that in this tutorial about publishing for LMS.
  2. When you publish for LMS, you'll need to select either to track based on number of slide completed, or the score of the quiz.
  3. For the issue you describe with the Finish button, prob'ly the easiest thing to do is to change the label of the Finish button to something more intuitive, like "Move to Next Section" or something like that. Here's how to change the text labels, and the one for the Finish button is number 46 in the list of text labels.
  4. You can disable the magnifier icon like this: open the question in Quizmaker, click Slide View, select your picture, and on the Format tab, click Zoom Picture to unselect that option. (I should also mention that Slide View is also an easy place to add & customize pictures if you prefer not to do it in Form View. In Slide View, you can just click the Insert tab and select Picture. I usually like to use Slide View for inserting stuff & designing my slide, because it's an easy graphical interface, kinda like PowerPoint.)

I hope that helps! :) Let us know if you have other questions.

Lisa Hanes

You are wonderful!  That helps a lot!  Yes, I like the Slide View for formatting, although I found it doesn't automatically put a frame and shadow on pics like the Form View does.  I add pics in Form View and then go into Slide View to resize and place on the screen.  Thanks for the links...I'll do some reading up on the subjects.

I appreciate your help, Jeanette!


Cory Christmas

Is it possible to flag more than one quiz for the scoring in the LMS (i.e. quiz a or quiz b)?  We was to create one course where it branches off into English and Spanish based on the user's preference.  There needs to be an English version and Spanish version of the quiz.  The LMS needs to recognize one or the other, score and, and mark the course complete.  Having our English and Spanish contant housed in one course package will help us keep our LMS uncluttered.  Is this possible? -- Cory

Jeanette Brooks

Hey Cory,

Tracking multiple result slides in one course isn't currently supported, but you can check out this knowledgebase article for some workaround ideas.

Also, I should mention that while you can only track one result slide, the result slide you choose can actually be a composite of multiple result slides within your course. So perhaps that would meet your needs. To find out more, check out this tutorial, especially the section called "Step 2: Select the Questions to Be Tracked." In the "Calculate Results" dropdown in Storyline, you can choose to calculate results on "Selected result slides."

Jeanette Brooks

You're right, it's something that a lot of folks would love to see! I can't really predict whether it'll become part of a future update, but definitely, if it's something you'd like to see, I'd recommend submitting a feature request - our dev team reads every one, and it's the best way to make sure your voice is heard. Thanks Cory!