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Feb 09, 2012

Hi all, I'am new and sorry for my bad english!!

I have a big problem when i upload my quiz on lms (Chamilo). When i play the quiz and finish it, the progress stayed in feedback on 0% and no résult about this...passed or failed are the same...and the user can try 2 times the quiz to pass it.

the quiz was exported for presenter. The quiz propéities are:

when user passes, finish button: next slide (the finish slide)

when user fails, finish button: next slide (finish slide)

alow user to leave...any time

view slide...any time

attempt: 2 times

when i published it i chose lms scorm1.2

rport and tracking:

report satuts to lms as passed/failed

tracking: track using quiz result (my quiz) 81%

Do i have to change something do make it work? Wrong use of propréities?

My other question is, so 2 attemp, but when user failer the first time, he can't finish it! so no finish button, is it possible? what I did, is the duplication of my quiz slide, is it the goos choise?

thank's for answer...I realy need help

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fabien deheyn

I tried it like u said(complete/incomplete) but does'nt work.
I tried many times with several export and there is some changes in LMS feedback

When I Export my quiz directly with quizmaker, I have a progression of 100% in my lms but still no score (0%)

When its exported with Powerpoint in LMS, no % in progress and score...

I realy don't understand when I should do, but thx for reply Phil Mayor

If someone else ave any idees...thx to reply

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