Password Protection?

Hi Everyone!

We have been working with a third party exam site and our LMS to deliver exams, but are moving more towards the Articulate suite.

Quizmaker is great, but is there a way to assign a password to the exam in order to protect it? Previous work with Presenter and Quizmaker has been to open the presentation/exam to everyone. The next exam I'll create needs to be only accessed by certain students in a regulated way.

If not a password, is there anyway to keep the exam closed on the LMS?

Thanks for your feedback!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Costa!

I do believe most security is handled at the LMS level and you may want to consult with your particular LMS on that.

Perhaps someone in the community has some experience with your particular LMS, but you did not mention it above.

I have seen people 'simulate' this by placing a fill-in-the blank as the first question that would require a correct answer to move on.

The password for the attached course is password Please try it out by submitting other entries to see the behavior.

Costa Lawrence

Hi Leslie!

Many thanks for your response!

Our LMS does not have the ability to add passwords to individual activities unfortunately. I tried searching the message boards for something similar and nothing came up.

I do like your suggestion though! I think it will be something we can utilize to get around it.

I couldn't open the quiz as I have quizmaker 2013 and I think this is an older version. I'll try it out on my own.

Thanks again!