Can you change how Quizmaker information is sent to LMS?

This particular question may be one for the developers of our LMS, "Training Partner."

I have used Quizmaker 2013 to publish an individual exam. This exam was then imported into our LMS.

I have completed the quiz. Everything works so far.

In our LMS, we have a report that will grab the Question ID, the Correct Response and the Response.

The Quizmaker information that goes into the Question ID field contains "Scene1_QuestionDraw01_Slide1_MultiResponse_0_0", "Scene1_QuestionDraw01_Slide1_MultiChoice_0_0", etc

Is there a way to send the actual question text from the quiz to the LMS to then be used in the Question Id field?"




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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tanya!

You may be right, I had to defer to a colleague on this one and here was his suggestion:

If you enable LMS Debug Mode, you can watch the quiz data flowing from the content to the LMS in real time, and this may help you to identify how and why those IDs are being established.

Now, can you display that differently, I'm not sure.