Points and SumTotal LMS

May 29, 2012

I've had to recreate a series of tests from a 3rd party vendor so we could use our own LMS (SumTotal).  Some of these tests have unusual question counts: 13 on one test, 14 on another, 10 on some.  When testing, the quizmaker test % - 13/13 might show 100%, but the LMS showed a 97.3%.  How do I get them to match up?  I cannot alter the tests at all because they are part of an official certification by a governing body.  

UPDATE:  Please disregard.  The system was pulling the grade successfully.  The issue was that it was part of a 3 part curriculum (pre test, course, post test) and the LMS is averaging the 2 tests.  As individual test, they recorded correctly.

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