Positioning the Cursor After correct/Incorrect Answer

Mar 31, 2011

When answering a quiz question, the feedback box is displayed with button to “Try Again” or “Next Question”.

After clicking the button, the cursor stays unmoved so when the next display appears, an answer is selected if the answer jsut happens to be positioned right where the cursor was last positioned (to click the “Try Again” or “Next Question” button).

 I am using multiple choice questions so this occurs most times.

I would find it more enabling for the cursor to move to a corner, middle of either left, right, top or bottom edge - just anywhere but where it was last clicked.

Thank you … Bill

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Bill Finnerty

If click the Next Question button, the cursor does not move from where it was when I clicked.

If the next question displayed, which is a multiple choice since all of mine are mutliple choice, AND one of the choices aligned with the cursor position, then that choice is highlighted (it is not selected since the operator must click to selected).

I hope that's clear. If not, I'll try a screenr but gotta learn it 1st.

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