Possible to pull questions from different quizes based on the respondents choices?

Apr 22, 2015


Just want to know if below is somehow possible before creating 40+ test combinations.

We have 50 workers who has between 2-5 skillset out of 15 possible. So far I have made a training quiz (30-70 questions each) on each skillset for them to train in. But in the actual certification test, the worker should have in total 30 random questions from for him/her relevant skillsets.

My question is do I need to make a test for each combination that the workers have (about 40 tests), or is it possible somehow for the worker to mark that he/she has skillset number 2-4-9 and then the quiz will randomly take 30 questions in total from those 3 skillsets?

Thanks in advance for your advices.

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