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Jun 22, 2012

I am preparing to publish out the modules for an Articulate course that I've been developing, so I'm now at the stage that I need to set the properties for our quizzes.  What we'd like to happen is that when students first enter a module of the course (via the LMS) is for them to be forced to attempt each quiz, but then after they've taken a quiz once, we'd like for them to be able to skip all around and not be forced to complete a test afterwards (to include at some later point - maybe a month - down the road when they come back to the module to review something).  What I need to know is will the following settings allow the LMS to remember that they've attempted the Quiz and allow students to flow freely throught the module once they've attempted a quiz?

Allow User to Leave Quiz:  After user has completed the quiz

User May View Slides After Quiz:  After attempting quiz

User May Attempt Quiz:  Just once

In the Navigation section of Player Template: Checked is the prompt to resume on quiz restart

Also, other than allowing a user to leave a quiz at anytime, which we don't wish to do as this would, I believe, allow them to in essence skip the quiz, is there anyway to make it so if students should accidentally click on the quiz slide after they've attempted the quiz, that they don't actually have to complete the quiz a second time?  Or if we keep the setting for allow user to leave quiz "at anytime", but keep user may view slides after the quiz as "after attempting quiz" is that how students are forced to take it, but more free to roam about the course once they've taken it? 

Assistance much appreciated!

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Sheila, it looks like those settings should give you what you're looking for. One clarification: you'll want to turn on the Resume behavior in both the quiz and your course. In Quizmaker this is done via Player Templates > Edit > Navigation > Prompt to resume. In Presenter, it's done via Player Templates > Player Controls > Prompt to resume.

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