question with two correct answers, only one need to be selected

Jun 01, 2011

Here is a situation with my quiz,  I have the question with two correct answers, need to be marked as correct if user only  choose one of these two answers.  I don't think Quizmaker support this type of questions.

my understanding is, Quizmaker only can do one correct answer for multi-choiceo and full correct answers selected for multi-response questions, that means it only support “ AND” function, not support “OR” function.

What I can do for it, please give me advice, Thanks advanced.


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi there Catherine,

Though there isn't an option within Quizmaker to do that, it's totally possible with a little bit of creativity.   Basically, you just need to change the scoring so that each "correct" answer has the appropriate number of points, and branch the learner to the appropriate feedback slide, depending on their answer.

Here's how you can do it:

  • Create a multiple-choice question. 
  • Change the Feedback setting to By Answer.
  • Change the Score setting to By Answer. Adjust the Points column so that each of the correct answers has the appropriate number of points, and the wrong answer(s) have 0 points.
  • Now close the question for now.
  • Create 2 blank slides for feedback. Use one for the correct feedback, and one for the incorrect feedback. On each feedback slide, click the More button in the feedback & branching area, and set the branching behavior so that after the learner views the slide, they move on to the next question in the quiz (or finish the quiz, if you prefer).
  • Now go back to the multiple choice question and open that. For each answer choice, click the More button and set the branching so that the learner branches to whichever feedback slide is appropriate, based on their answer
  • I'd also recommend disabling the "Allow user to review quiz" option on both of your result slides, since technically Quizmaker thinks that only one of the correct answers is actually correct. The "correct" answer will be marked during the review, and this might be confusing to the learner, to see only one of the 2 correct answers noted.

I've attached a sample quiz that is set up using the guidelines above, in case you'd like to take a look and deconstruct it.

I hope that helps!

catherine Chen

Thanks Jeanette, It is very helpful. I adjust the point to these answers, works very well.

In this case, I don't need to provide feedback for each question, but I have to allow students to review the quiz at the end which not display the right answer at the time only tell them correct /incorrect,  this is our final exam standards which I have to follow.  don't know if there is way to mark this question as correct when student choose one of the correct answers.

Thanks agagin. 

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Catherine - unfortunately there's not really a way to alter the Review in a way that would mark the question as Correct for either of the 2 correct answers.

However, here's another idea that might work for you, and it would fulfill your requirements for an accurate Review experience.

You could use a Fill-in-the-Blank question or a Numeric Question... each of these question types allow you to specify more than 1 possible correct answer choice, which would mean that during the review, the learner would see "Correct" at the top of the slide if they choose either of the correct options. The only down side to this approach is that it requires the learner to actually type in a response (such as a word or a number) rather than use a radio button to mark a selection.

The attached quiz contains a couple examples, and here are a couple images of what I mean:

Jeanette Brooks

Catherine, I just thought of one more solution that might work for you. Tracy Parish did this screencast that uses a hotspot question to accomplish something similar to what you have in mind: (allowing the learner to choose one correct item from multiple possible correct options). The only thing is, it might look a little messy during the review unless you can easily create a clean-looking hotspot area. But I thought it was worth mentioning.

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