Quiz 09 and branching to content slides

Jan 21, 2014

Hi there,

I have a question according to a "test" at the end of my e-learning, consisting of 10 single quiz questions that have to be answered in succession. I want the user to have the posibility to solve a quiz question 3 times in a row, if the third try is not successful, the user is branched to a content slide in between the content-chapters of the e-learning where he can find the solution. The way I have set the quiz properties now: after seeing the content slide the user was branched to, he can't go directly to, for example question 5. But that's the possibility I want to give the user. At the moment the user has to solve all questions again although he solved the questions already within the session.

How can I avoid that the user has to solve the same questions again and again due to be branched to a content slide within the e-learning?

My current quiz settings are:

Quiz properties: question properties - attempts permitted: 3

On passing, finish button: goes to next slide

On failing, finish button: goes to slide xy (any content slide within the e-learning)

Allow user to leave quiz: after user has completed quiz

User may view slides after quiz: after passing quiz

User may attempt quiz: just once

If it is not possible what I would like to permit, do you have any idea how to set up, for example, a fail result slide?

Thanks for your help!

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Miguel Nieves


I've been looking for a way to do this in Storyline and after many google search attempts, I've almost given up on the idea.

Is there a way to do this? My ask is a little different than Verena in the sense that I would like to be able to allow the learner to view the topics they did not do well on the quiz once they have submitted the quiz (either with passing or failing score).

Thank you,

Lauren Connelly

Hello Miguel!

Great question! Using Storyline, can I prompt the learner to view the topics they didn't do well on after they've already submitted a quiz?

Yes, you could set this up using variables to track what the learner has completed. Do you mind sharing what you've built so far? You can attach it to this discussion or share it with us privately in a support case.