Quiz 09 and branching to content slides

Hi there,

I have a question according to a "test" at the end of my e-learning, consisting of 10 single quiz questions that have to be answered in succession. I want the user to have the posibility to solve a quiz question 3 times in a row, if the third try is not successful, the user is branched to a content slide in between the content-chapters of the e-learning where he can find the solution. The way I have set the quiz properties now: after seeing the content slide the user was branched to, he can't go directly to, for example question 5. But that's the possibility I want to give the user. At the moment the user has to solve all questions again although he solved the questions already within the session.

How can I avoid that the user has to solve the same questions again and again due to be branched to a content slide within the e-learning?

My current quiz settings are:

Quiz properties: question properties - attempts permitted: 3

On passing, finish button: goes to next slide

On failing, finish button: goes to slide xy (any content slide within the e-learning)

Allow user to leave quiz: after user has completed quiz

User may view slides after quiz: after passing quiz

User may attempt quiz: just once

If it is not possible what I would like to permit, do you have any idea how to set up, for example, a fail result slide?

Thanks for your help!

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