Quiz does not reset after user has failed

I use Articulate Studio 13. I have multiple engage interactions in my 54 slide PowerPoint. I have 5 quizzes. Each quiz has multiple questions. They all have a question pool. When i publish the presentation to an LMS (ANGEL), to test how the slides are to be displayed, and accessed, when I come up to a quiz and fail it, it will provide me with a "Review Quiz"  button, Prev button and Finish button but no Retry button.

When I click the Finish button it starts the slides we need to review to successfully complete the quiz but it won't allow me to retry the quiz. It still displays the questions with the answers and whether they were correct or incorrect.

I have tried what previous posts have advised

Put a slide between and engage interaction and quiz:

I have set up these quiz properties:

The Quiz Default settings are as follows:

In the Quiz Player, Browser Settings we have "Never Resume"

Am I missing any settings? All I need:

User FAILS quiz:

  1. send to beginning of section to review
  2. Retry Quiz until user passes


  1. Move to next section.

Thank you in advance for assistance.

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Michael Bousfield

Hola Leslie and all the other Articulate gurus out here.

Please help me Obi-one!

I originally had Studio '09 and created a number of PowerPoint presentations incorporating both Engage and Quizmaker interactions.  I recently updated to Studio '13 and I am having exactly the same problems as Marianita is encountering.  I looked at your response to the article you referred Marianita to but this is about resuming (like bookmarking) a test after exiting the presentation/course.  I think what Marianita and I are talking about is something different.

In the past with Studio 09 I was able to set up Quizmaker 09 quizzes that responded in the following ways:

1. Learner would read a series of information slides

2. They then completed the quiz and clicked [Submit]

2A. Answer Right: 

- The 'Correct' window displayed:

 - Clicking [View Results] displayed the results window

-  Clicking [Finish] advanced to the next slide

So the above worked correctly after converting the quizzes to Studio 13. 

2B. Answer Wrong:

     - 'Incorrect' window displayed with [View Results] button


     - On clicking [View Results] button the 'Results' window displayed showing % points + [Retry Quiz] and [Finish] button

     - Instructions directed learner to click [Finish] - which returned them to a previous slide (or a specified slide) for revision.


- Learner would review the previous content, e.g. "Three Lines of Services"

- Using the player button advanced to the Quiz again to retry:

- The Quiz always reset/refreshed in Studio '09.  But with Studio '13 this does not happed - instead the previous wrong selections re-display.

I have scoured the web and this site ad nauseum for an answer but I've found nothing.  Before I used to be able to manage the player template separately in Quizmaker and Engage but now they are unified in Studio 13 and I feel it is one of the reasons why this problem is occurring.  For me this is a show stopper as what is the point in making learners Retry a quiz over and over as it will just be a process of elimination until they get it right.  The beauty of directing the Learner back to previous slides and then retrying the Quiz is obvious.

I would really appreciate someone who can help with this major issue for me.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michael and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Thanks for your detailed information

I tried to re-create what you are explaining, but I do not think that I'm seeing the same behavior. 

Is something like this what you expect to see:


(Of course this is just a test with some bogus info - match 'letters' in quiz and for the second one the right answer is 'A')

I can fail the quiz, review answers, retry...if I click finish instead of retry, I am redirected to another slide of information for review and the next button takes me back to the quiz results where I can then retry the quiz :)

Be sure that you have your failure slide set in QM to allow user to retry quiz.

Let me know if I am missing something.

Michael Bousfield

G'day Leslie,

Firstly, gracias for your "Speedy Gonzales" reply and for the welcome!

Really appreciate you providing the example course - a picture certainly says a thousand words.

But unfortunately it is not quite what I am after.  Let me explain:

With Studio 09 you could set up a Quiz, so when it was failed would display a 'Results' window where ONLY a [Finish] button would display (and not the [Retry Quiz] or [Review Quiz] buttons as in your example)

After clicking [Finish], the learner was returned to the previous slide/s for review (and not a separate revision slide as in your example).

After the review, the learner would move forward in linear fashion until they again reached the Quiz slide - which had automatically reset (clearing the learner's previous 'failed' selections) - ready for them to retry.

Note: This is unlike your example where they return to the 'Results' slide and clicking [Retry Quiz]).

I have created a short video of the program I created in Studio 09 to illustrate what I am saying:


Really looking forward to your spin on all this.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michael!

Thanks for the additional information and the video, you're right, it helps

The player in Studio '13 became unified and due to this, Presenter controls the resume behavior as explained here.

You will need to enable the retry quiz button on your results slide in order for this to work properly, as there is no longer a prompt to resume functionality like you used in Studio '09.

Michael Bousfield

Hi Leslie,

I know you're only the messenger and thanks for the explanation.  However, I already knew about the unified player in Studio 13. Resume option has nothing to do with review capability that the standalone players in Quizmaker 09 and Engage 09 gave developers. Resume, as you know, sets the course to open where learners left off last time.

I have read numerous comments in this forum from other dissatisfied users of Studio 13 - particularly around the Quizmaker issue and also on the problem with Engage and the use of the [Next] button. It is fair to say that you are more than familiar with the Engage problem as I have seen your responses (see: http://community.articulate.com/forums/p/38991/239755.aspx#239755) so I won't bother repeating it here.

Both these are major problems and have coursed hours of rework at a cost to our company. Not to mention the inability to meet the expectations from the original scope of works.

I would have thought that in the 4 years that it took to come up with the upgrade, that Studio 13 would have received very rigorous UAT where all the issues currently raised by myself, colleagues and others in this forum would have come to the surface. This would have obviously given Articulate software development team the opportunity to correct these issues prior to launching the upgrade. It amazes me and my colleagues why Articulate would unify the player in the first place, when it is patently obvious there are problems with this.  And now all you and others can suggest are less than satisfactory workarounds, resulting in more work / re-work for courseware developers and a less satisfactory experience for learners.

I and my colleagues would actually prefer that we be given a refund and be able to re-install Studio 09.  That would be the very least Articulate could do as the Studio 13 upgrade has not improved functionality, rather it has been taken it away.

Can please raise with your manager or appropriate decision-maker.  I look forward to your prompt reply.

Regards,  Michael

Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Michael,

First, I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome you to the community and thank you for sharing such detailed information and explanations of the issues you're running into with the new Studio '13 suite.

Though I am not a developer, nor was I part of the decision-making team for the features included in the new product, I can say that the features provided were for a new product. It wasn't really about taking any specific functionality "away" from Studio '09. However, having said that, I do understand that some features that worked well in Studio '09 were not included and have caused some frustration for some.

I'm sure you have already, but if not, I would strongly recommend reaching out to our development team. If you can provide feedback here, I'm sure if would be helpful. You may also want to suggest that your colleagues do the same. This is the best way for our development team to see what features our customers would like to see implemented in a future version or update. The more feedback they receive, the better they can gauge the demand for specific features and functionality. 

There are some new issues with Studio '13, as there are with any new product. We do realize that these issues are important and we are working hard to improve the functionality of the software. We recently released a new update, we're working on the next update now, and we'll be working on more in the future to improve functionality, fix bugs and introduce additional features. I would recommend following us on our social networks for announcements of any updates that become available in the future. 

Having said all that, I sincerely apologize for the trouble that you've had with this. We certainly want our customers to enjoy our products, our support and our community. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. Do you happen to know if you're within the 30 day window for Studio '13? All of our products come with a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you're no longer in that window, we may still be able to help. Reach out to our Customer Care team and share this thread or let them know about the situation. I'm sure they'll be happy to assist you. You can reach them directly via email at biz@articulate.com or you're welcome to give them a call at (800) 861-4880.

I certainly hope this information helps. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.



Kathy Rush

I have been experiencing the same problems as described above.  I have re-installed an '09 on a second computer and am using that instead of using the new '13.  I have submitted multiple tickets with replies that simply say it doesn't work the way it used to work.  No one has indicated it will be changed in the future.  I think the individuals who answers this post should forward the ones dealing with this reset issue on to the support team instead of telling us to do so.  I have done so, and it did not help.  Someone with more pull than me needs to insist this is fixed very soon or you are going to continue to lose customers.

TopDog Learning Group, LLC

Was this issue resolved in the latest fix? I, too have to do a heap of redesigns of previous quizzes because of the unified GUI. It's a shame: I have a 1-question quiz (seen after a detailed Business Scenario where it's a "what should the manager do next?"). Now I have to have the RESULTS slide which seems like a silly extra click for the learner AND if they want to retake the quiz it won't reset unless they click the RETAKE QUIZ button (which now has to be part of said RESULTS slide). It's now really clunky and cumbersome for the learner.

John Sutton

Steve Yacovelli said:

Was this issue resolved in the latest fix? I, too have to do a heap of redesigns of previous quizzes because of the unified GUI. It's a shame: I have a 1-question quiz (seen after a detailed Business Scenario where it's a "what should the manager do next?"). Now I have to have the RESULTS slide which seems like a silly extra click for the learner AND if they want to retake the quiz it won't reset unless they click the RETAKE QUIZ button (which now has to be part of said RESULTS slide). It's now really clunky and cumbersome for the learner.

Dipendu Das

Hi @Leslie MeKerchie,

I am pretty much facing the same issue and wish to explain the same. 

I have an Articulate Presenter file which is a mixture of engage interactions and quiz maker files (for knowledge check and final assessment). My issue lies where the slides are arranged in the manner in the enclosed attachments.

Please note that I have not used the retake quiz button in the result slide of the assessment in Quizmaker. If the learner successfully attempted the assessment, they are navigated congratulations slide (screenshot not provided) but if the user fails the assessment, they get the option to hit finish button on the result slide and get navigated to ‘Test Result’ slide (slide 3 in the above screenshots). I get three options here to either review the course (hyperlinked to the beginning of the course), retake the assessment (hyperlinked to Test Introduction) or to quit the course.

Now the problem is that when taking the test if I fail the first time it will actually not let me retake the test. By retake I mean the result will not get refreshed and I will be able to see my answers which I have chosen previously. If I close and resume where I left off, it will still not allow me to retake the test. Currently, the only way to be able to retake the test if I fail it is to close the course and then launch again without resuming where you left off.

My question - Is there a way I can either add a ‘Review Course’ button on the result slide of Quizmaker (clicking on which will navigate me to the beginning of course/specific section) and should reset the assessment answers given earlier OR I can get the assessment should get reset done once the learner clicks on the finish button?

Please let me know if you have any question or you need more information. 


Dipendu Das

Dipendu Das

Hi Leslie,

I have enclosed the package and the file too. You will see that if I fail the assessment and try reattempting the exam it will not let me do it as my last response does not reset.

My requirement - I want the learner to review course or particular section if they fail the assessment. 

The original file I am working with has multiple knowledge checks at different sections (which are not graded or no effect on the final scoring). I want the learners to visit the section back if they fail the assessment.

Thanks and Regards,

Dipendu Das

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Dipendu!

When your learner fails, the next button takes them back to the course, right?

You may need to provide instructions for the learner to review the material, then retry the course. You are correct, there is no way to prevent the learner from retaking the course prior to reviewing as you expect.

Dipendu Das

 Okay let's take a bigger scenario.  This is what we follow in majority of the courses we develop. Usually, in every course we have multiple sections and at the end of each section we supply the learner with a knowledge test. At the end of all sections we have the final assessment.  Now this is where we face the problem.  If a learner attempts a knowledge test once,  he won't be able to retake it as the response entered earlier doesn't get a reset.  The learners are bound to proceed with incorrect answer being entered.  Even sometimes while providing feedback for each question, we ask the learner to refer back to a particular part of that section.  So here he can navigate back and can refer the section but can't reattempt the quiz/knowledge check. 

How the problem of getting the answer freezed can be resolved here?

Leslie McKerchie

Each quiz/knowledge check can have it's own results slide and be re-set if needed as we have discussed above. Why would the final knowledge check, which would have the results to be submitted, be any different? I'm not following along as to why there is an answer populated when the learner reaches the final assessment. This should be a different quiz. Are you re-using the same quiz multiple places?

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Orlando!

This thread is a bit dated, but hopefully Dipendu will be able to chime in and assist you here. You are certainly welcome to reach out to the user directly via the 'Contact Me' option on the user profile if you do not hear back soon.

If you'd like us to take a look at your .quiz file, feel free to share along with the details of your issue.