Quiz not allowing unlimited attempts in preview or publish: time-sensitive

Mar 16, 2016

Hi. I'm using Articulate '13 and Quizmaker '13. I have survey quizzes with feedback that I created (no scoring) and set the quiz properties to "Unlimited attempts". However, on preview and publish, the quiz only allows you to view your previous answers (without the feedback displaying) and doesn't let you retake the quiz. I imported quiz questions from quizzes we had in Quizmaker '09. I'm attaching a quiz file with this example. Is there any way I can edit this quiz file so that someone can retake this quiz (unlimited attempts)?

Or, do I need to create a new quiz from scratch without importing these old questions from Quizmaker '09? If I need to create new quizzes, do I choose survey, freeform or graded? We don't want any scoring and we have feedback for each radio button the user clicks to answer the question (series of incorrect feedback and 1 correct feedback popup box). We want to make sure people can take the quiz multiple times within the course if they want to and see the feedback.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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