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Feb 14, 2012


I have a quiz that starts with an intro slide, then question 1, then it goes to a blank slide right before a randomized group and "jumps" into the randomized group (I use branching to decide which randomized group to go to).  However, when I select to "include numbering", it shows 'Question 1 of 6' in the first question and then shows 'Question 3 of 6' in the second question.  The blank slides are set to not be included in the numbering, so I don't understand why it seems to be including them....???  

I would like to include numbering but can't if the questions are not numbered correctly.....

Many thanks in advance for your help.


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Peter Anderson

Hi Erica!

When using the following features simultaneously in your quiz...

*  "Randomize Group" to randomize one or more question groups

*  "Include" to select only a subset of questions rather than including all questions

*  "Lock Question" to lock Blank Slides to specific questions in the randomized group

...you will need to count the Blank Slides as questions when you determine the number of questions to select from the "Include" drop-down list.

Here's an example:

Let's say you have a question group that includes 20 questions, and you have also added 20 Blank Slides to the same question group to provide custom feedback (one Blank Slide for each question slide).  If you decide to randomize the question group, you will need to use the "Lock Question" feature to lock those Blank Slides to their corresponding questions.

And if you only want 10 questions to be randomly selected from the total pool of questions, you will actually need to select "20" from the "Include" drop-down list.  Although you only want 10 questions in your published quiz, you must also count each of the Blank Slides that are being used for custom feedback -- thus a total of 20 slides.

Erica L

Well, I am not sure I follow you.....

My quiz is as follows:

Slide 1 -- Intro (not counted)

Slide 2 (question 1) (chosen from a randomized group that currently only has 1 question).  Based on the user's response there is branching to a more difficult or easier question group.  The whole test is made up of question groups like this.  

Each "branch" starts with a blank slide with "Built by Burton" Autoadvancer, that skips over the blank slide into the question group (which is randomized and based on the user's right/wrong answer they will be sent to harder/easier question).  This was how I was able to combine randomization with branching to harder/easier sets of questions.  I don't want the test to count the blank slide with "built by burton" which is not a question at all, but it seems to count it.   I don't want to lock the blank slide to a question in the question group either as the test should pull a question randomly (and only one from that group), so if it is locked to one then randomization will not work.

I do not have any feedback slides after the questions.  I just wanted to be able to have the numbering increase for each question that gets chosen from one of the question groups, but the numbering seems to skip numbers.

Maybe it is not possible to have numbering with the way I have set up my test?


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