Quiz reset problem...I am stuck!

I have a course that has multiple quizzes that are set as "gates" for content, and the user must pass each quiz before continuing. If the user fails a quiz, the user gets bumped back to the start of that section and has to review the content and attempt the quiz again. This worked fine in Quizmaker '09 but since updating to Quizmaker '13, if the user fails, the quiz doesn't reset after bumping the user back to the section start. In other words, once the user hits the quiz again, it's still showing the failed results from previously and won't allow the quiz to be retaken.

I have "Attempts permitted: Unlimited" in the Quiz settings and the properties are configured correctly. The only thing that's new is the "Show in Menu as Multiple items" setting. I'm going to try changing that to "single item" but is there anything else that I should be looking at?

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