Quiz result LMS Data reading

Jun 19, 2015

Dear Sir,

I've created a quiz which includes 50 questions from 171 question pool.

In the quiz, we have 3 types of questions; 1 point, 2 point and 4 point.
But when I see the data via LMS, only what I can get is 'total score' as below.

1. How can I find out the result by each question groups?
2. If it is not available, I would like to see if the students submit correct or incorrect answer per each questions.

- I think the information is included 'cmi.suspend_data' but I don't know how to read the data since it is encoded. Is there a way to analyze the quiz result ?


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sooyoung han

Thank you for your information.

But what I've got from LMS is as below.

scorm key 

How can get the data like you showed via article? id, type, student response.....


Please help me urgently..