Quiz Results not showing Questions - Essay type are my interest

Greetings to All,

Please forgive this question if it has already been posted.  I did a search before this post and came up with nothing usable, so....

The output results of a Quizmaker Quiz after the quiz has been taken (on my LMS) show the coded questions (I understand the need for security around the questions).   As Essay questions are considered 'Survey' type questions, non-scored, is there a way to have those questions displayed instead of the coded information currently being posted?   We are randomly presenting Essay quesitons and it would be nice to see the question associated with the answer provided by the student.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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Tom Hannon

Hi Justin,  Thanks for the quick reply.  In SCORM 2004 are you sending text on all questions or just Essay/Survey?  Can it be selected y/n (show the question/don't show the question) or again, all or nothing?  So i get it right, SCORM 1.2, no text, SCORM 2004 text (on every quetion?)

Thank you.

Laura Hickling

Hi Tom 

I hope you don't mind me jumping in on your question, but when you use SCORM 2004, do you get a pop up window when you close the course window, asking you whether you want to "Exit and Finish" or "Exit and Resume Later"? I have the same requirement as you, and this pop-up is the reason we are electing to use 1.2 instead of 2004 (and therefore missing out on question text). I'm trying to figure out whether this pop-up is to do with my LMS (Saba) or Articulate - your feedback (or Justin - if you know the answer to this, please comment) would be very helpful.