Quiz should not allow user to resume but still does

Aug 05, 2014

I've created QuizMaker quizzes and don't want somone to be able to leave the quiz in the middle of taking it, look up an answer and then resume where they left off. I selected the settings below but a user cn still leave and then continue where they left off in the quiz. I am publishing to SCORM and then uploading to my LMS. Is it possible that the settings don't carry over when published to SCORM format?

I selected the following options. Should I do something else:

ALLOW USER TO LEAVE QUIZ: After user has completed quiz

USER MAY VIEW SILDES: After passing quiz

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mick kless

Yes, that's what happened. And not being able to resume content is a major problem! The quiz is embedded in Presenter so it looks like we will either have to allow resumption of quiz (not good), disallow resumption of content (even worse - 7 chapters to republish x 3 courses = 21 republishings) or take the quiz out of Presenter and publish it as a stand-alone which means republishing 7 chapters and 7 quizzes for each of 3 courses which equals 42 republishings (really, really bad option). Someone in Articulate Development needs to adress this. Users are frequently interrupted but want to pick up where they left off in a course. That should be independent of taking a quiz. We had previously used iSpring Presenter and iSpring QuizMaker and stopped using it for a number of reasons pertaining to their company. I don't know if you licensed your software to them or they infringed upon yours since they are nearly identical, but iSpring's embedded quizzes can still be prevented from a user resuming it while still allowing resumption of content. Someone should look into that since it's a big plus.

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