Quizmaker 13 and LMS

Aug 29, 2014

all my quizmaker 13 quizzes are giving credit even though the user didn't complete the quiz in LMS. The quizzes are not graded. The settings are exactly the same as my quizmaker 09 which didn't give credit until all the questions were answered. Please advise how to set this in quizmaker 13 such that it does not give credit until all questions have been answered

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Raymona Chin

Sure. Our quizzes are "review questions" so no grading or passing score is required. We want users to review all questions before they are marked as "complete" in our LMS. Ariculate 09 achieved this with no issues. I just assumed the same would occur in '13 because I simply republished an '09 quiz in '13. However, that doesn't seem to be the case. The user leaves the quiz after answering the first question and it gives them a completion credit for the entire quiz. Any thoughts why completion credit would be granted when all the questions haven't been answered in the '13 version?

Are you saying the "non-graded questions" is removing the points for each question? Also, is the only way to force the user to review all questions is to set it "submit all at once"? Although I'm not sure this would fix my LMS issue.

Thanks much

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