Quizmaker (13) output recording in Moodle (v 2.3)

Aug 28, 2014


This is more a general than specific question at the moment.

I am investigating our options for producing quizzes and surveys. I am well versed with inserting quizzes into Presenter (13) but have been tasked with the option of having a standalone quiz reporting back into Moodle (our office is using version 2.3).

Are there any known issues with Moodle hosting Quizmaker outputs that I should know about? E.g:

  • Specific ways to export from QM
  • Questions that do not work with Moodle for one reason or another?
  • Will the quizmaker data (e.g. pass/fail scores) translate through to Moodle successfully?

I am aware this is partially a question for a Moodle forum, but as this particular forum is usually so helpful, I thought I would try here first (as at least part of my questions relate to QM rather than Moodle!)


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lindsey,

You can place a standalone Quiz within an LMS, and you'll want to follow the directions here for publishing. As for how that will be loaded into Moodle, I'll defer to the community on the specifics.

The quiz data that will be sent to your LMS is detailed here, I don't know of specific questions that Moodle doesn't like, but I know a few users have mentioned difficulty with survey/essay style questions where the user has to key in an answer. It'll be up to the LMS on how that'll be displayed reported back to you.

You'll need to choose an appropriate completion status based on what Moodle requires, but your options are detailed here. Its also important to note, this is how Quizmaker will pass and determine completion to your LMS.

Hope that helps get you started!

Lindsey Hillman

Thank you for this help Ashley - it's a good introduction to it for me.

If anyone else has any other tips or issues that they have had with exporting to Moodle v2.3 please let me know! A quick search shows some problems with older versions of Moodle, but nothing immediately comes up for this version, so I would appreciate any personal feedback anyone may have.


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