Feb 25, 2021

Hi all,

When making a quiz I want the user to, when failing, to go back to a specific page and read about the topic again and then when getting to the quiz again be able to do the quiz again. I have tried the different settings like Go to slide xx etc. but when I test it the quiz is not refreshed and when I click on Finish I am redirected back to slide xx. How can I set up the quiz to let the user go through the section again after failing and be able to do the quiz a second(or third) time?


Thanks for any reply


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Ren Gomez

Hi Jørn,

Thanks for reaching out! There are two items you'll need to keep an eye out for when setting up your course this way:

  1. Include a retry quiz button in your Quizmaker results slide.
  2. Select the option Go to slide when the user fails.

When the learner fails, they can select the Finish button (you can label this however you'd like in the player options) to return to a specific slide in the course. After they go through the slides and back to the quiz, the course will return the learner to the results slide, where they're given the option to retry the quiz. They can then retake the quiz, and upon passing, they will be able to move forward or close out the course!

I hope this helps!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Jørn!

It would be helpful to understand what changes you've already made. Have you tried including a retry quiz button in your Quizmaker results slide and selecting the option Go to slide when the user fails?

If so, what behavior isn't right?

If you'd like to share the .quiz file, feel free to add it as an attachment!

Jørn Olsen

Hi Lauren,

I have added the Retry button and in Properties "On failing,`Finish`button:) I have set  "Goes to Slide"(in this case slide 189).

When I now try the quiz I am allowed to immediately retry the quiz without being sent to the slide i have set. I want the users to, if they fail, to first be sent back to the slide which I have set and then be allowed to retry. The only way they now will be sent back, if they fail, to this slide is if they choose "Finish".

Additional if possible:

I have set 6 attempts for each question in each of the 8 quizzes and ideally I would like to only let them retry once and after that they have failed that single test. They could then continue to do the rest of the course but if they have failed more than 20% of the total questions they would have to do the whole course again.

Looking forward to your response and have a healthy and nice day.


Jørn Olsen

Lauren Connelly

Hello Jørn!

There is only one slide in the quiz attached, and there isn't a retry button on the slide. Can you upload the quiz again, so we see what you've built so far? You can upload the file privately using a support case.

To confirm, are you using just Quizmaker, or are you also using Storyline 360? It sounds like the configurations you're looking to make would be better in Storyline 360 since you can add triggers and use variables. For example, you can determine whether a user can retry all questions or just the questions answered incorrectly. 

We'll let you know when we receive your project and reply with our findings! I appreciate your time as we work on what you're looking to create.