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Will Findlay

Adobe Creative Cloud Sync works the same way as Dropbox. You designate a folder on your hard drive as your "cloud" folder. Then, whenever you save something inside that folder, it syncs it to a private server (in the cloud) which then syncs it to other devices you have designated.

I use it 1)  as a backup mechanism that still allows me to keep my files on my hard drive and 2) so I can work on the project files on my laptop and desktop.  I've saved all kinds of files this way, but I've noticed that Quizmaker files seem to throw it for a loop unlike other file types. When I save, it thinks the file has been saved already or something.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Ah, thanks makes sense in terms of why you're using and how Will. I'll still have to defer to the community for further expertise, but I'm curious if any other cloud back up systems have presented a similar error for you? I know a lot of our team uses Dropbox to share files and I haven't heard of anyone running into it there.