Quizmaker and reporting

Feb 16, 2024

I have searched through discussions and was reading the articles. I have published the scorm file to the LMS but it isn't reporting the actual score from the results. It will state that it was completed. It will display in reporting 100% if someone passes but not their actual score or feedback on each question. Can anyone help me fix this? I have went into the reporting and tracking tab and looked and the results page options. I am not sure what else to do.

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Steven Benassi

Hi Blair!

It sounds like you've hit a snag when tracking learner feedback through your LMS!

I see that you've also opened a support case. Smart move! It looks like my colleague Lianne is handling your case and reached out to your e-mail with some follow-up questions!

We can continue the conversation through your case to help keep all information in one spot.