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Apr 24, 2012

I've noticed when creating a new  template in Quizmaker a *.playertemplate is also created. 

What is this file for? Quizmaker does not seem able to open it.


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Linda Herring

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your answer, and I have previously reviewed all the information in the link.

However, this doesn't exactly answer my question, but let's approach it a different way.

If I create a quizmaker template, the extension is .quiztemplate. This extension on this file is .playertemplate. So, if I need to share a template I've created with another user on another computer, do I need to also provide this .playertemplate? Is the .playertemplate acting in a simlar way the .ppta file does for Presenter.

I'm aware I could just provide a .quiz file and someone can use that to create a template.


Peter Anderson

Hi again Linda!

Sorry for the delayed response- not sure how I missed this. To share a Quizmaker '09 player template with another quiz developer or another computer, you only need to send a quiz file that has the applicable player template applied to the other developer or computer. You can send an existing quiz, or you can create a new quiz (even if it contains no questions or slides) as long as the player template that you wish to share has been applied to the quiz.

After the quiz file has been transferred to the other developer or computer, use the following steps to make your player template available for other quizzes on the local computer:

1)  Open the quiz file in Quizmaker '09.

2)  Click the Player Templates button on the toolbar. (The player template you have shared with them will be selected.)

3)  Click the Edit button.

4)  When the Player Template Builder opens, simply click the OK button to save the template to the local computer.

5)  Click the Close button to exit the Player Template Manager.

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