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Hi - I have created several assessments using Quizmaker and published the scorm and uploaded to our LMS system. The Attempts permitted in the properties section says 1. The Allow user to retry quiz in the results slide is not checked, yet the user can take the assessment multiple times. How do I only allow 1 attempt?

We have reached out to the Dayforce administrator and they validated that our settings in LMS are correct.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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Dave Neuweiler

Hello Faye!

I have a couple of observations for you. First, under quiz properties, the setting for 1 attempt refers to the default number of attempts for the individual questions, so that's not what you're looking for.

Second, on the results slide you mention that the box to "Allow user to retry quiz" is not checked. There are two separate feedback layers for the results slide, and Quizmaker defaults to the "success" layer. This is what's shown when the user passes the quiz. I'm wondering if you perhaps missed the "failure" layer?

In the lower right corner of the screen, please select the Failure feedback layer ... is the "Allow user to retry quiz" box checked there? If it is, unchecking it should make things right for you.

If it was not checked, then this is something that the Articulate support folks need to examine.

I hope this helps!

Faye Somerville

Hello -

Thank you for your response.

Unfortunately the failure layer was unchecked. I will contact the support team and see what they can find.

Have a good day -

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