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Tom Kuhlmann

Quizmaker does not limit the number of attempts you are allowed on a survey. If you are hosting the content in an LMS, that may provide you with the option of limiting attempts. If the survey is in a presentation, you can limit the number of attempts within one viewing by adjusting the quiz properties:
Setting Properties - Articulate Presenter ‘09 Help

However, you would still be able to relaunch the presentation and retake the survey if you did not resume the presentation.

Arthur Binotti

Is there a SCORM code/script I can put into Presenter 09 & QM to limit a second attempt to relaunch the course which contains a final exam at the end? The LMS I am using will only read the SCORM that the content tool provides to limit the relaunching of a course a second time. 

We do not want to allow the user to relaunch within the same session or at another time without being manually re-enrolled for the course. Can you provide any information to how I can configure Artiuclate 09 to communicate this to our LMS?

Thank you

Tom Kuhlmann

Hi Arthur: I am not aware of any code you can add to your published output to force a presentation to resume if it is relaunched (thereby avoiding the possibility of reloading the presentation to retake an embedded quiz). I have submitted a feature request to our product development team for this on your behalf.

You can alwayssubmit suggestions and feature requests here. We welcome your ideas!

Tom Kuhlmann

Yes, if you set the number of attempts in the quiz properties in your presentation to Just Once, the student will only be able to take the quiz once. However, as Justin mentioned, they may be able to retake the quiz if they launch the presentation again and choose not to resume. If you choose not to resume a presentation (when prompted), the presentation will reload from the beginning, meaning you can take the quiz(zes) again.

Andrew  Thorne


I'm wondering if you were able to get this to work for you. I to am using a LMS that is limited to only what information the course tells it and am in the same boat with a test that I wish to limit the number of attempts to 2 but with the limited functionality of Quizmaker I can only get it to set either a pass/fail ( one attempt ) or a passed/incomplete ( unlimitted attempts ).

Whats missing is the logic behind the attempts setting with in Quizmaker. There is no code that checks to see if the course has been launched previously (launch data - retrieved from the LMS by the course engine) and then on setting the course/test status checking

if ( passmark => passing grade)

set status to complete/passed

else if ( launch data  <   attempts allowed)

set status to incomplete

else set status to failed 

I'm finding the automatic responses from the forums of " that's the LMS" frustrating. An LMS can not tell the course when it's done, the course must tell the LMS. I can set my LMS so that launch data = 2 but without any logic within the Course to handle that there is no way for me to limit attempts.

I'm wondering if people are lumping LCMS's with LMS's or if they even know there is a difference. (rant over)

Phil Mayor

Sorry Andrew, spent too long staring at a monitor again

I agree an LMS cannot tell you when a course is complete, however it can tell you how may times you can attempt a course, which would give you your two attempts

If your LMS still allows the course to load after two attempts, it should at least stop accepting scores and updating the database,


Andrew  Thorne

Which is useless. and leads to users calling wondring why they passed a quiz (tenth time) but the course is still sitting marked incomplete. or passed failed is used and they never get to relaunch because the failed status has closed to course (one attempt).

It seams a little silly that you have an area with in quizmaker to set number of attempts and no logic to use that info in a constructive way.

Andrew  Thorne

If i can find what variable is used to store that number of attemps I'll rewrite some of this code to check it against the launch data set in the LMS and force an incomplete status till either the user has maxed out their attempts or passed the quiz.

Then hope i remember to save those newly updated files somewhere safe so they don't get over written the next time some one opens the articulate file to change or update the quiz.

Phil Mayor

We have never had a need to restrict the number of attempts, and I am sure I would be frustrated if I had to do it.

Sorry I cannot suggest anything to help, your soloution if successful  is a bit of a hack, however we seem to be hacking articulate more and more to get what we need

Gopd luck