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Peter Anderson

Hey Silvia!

I'm not sure I'm following exactly what you want to do. The options available to you on a quiz review slide can be found here:


Otherwise, perhaps someone else will chime-in with a more thorough workaround. 

Silvia Vantusso

Hi Peter,

no this is not what I meant. I really need to change in the review quiz (and not pass or fail result) the feedback given.

In the review quiz the learner know if his answer is correct or wrnog looking above in the screen. The client would link to have the CORRECT / WRONG in another position (beside the answer given).

I hope my explanation is clear.


David Anderson

Hi Silvia - I think I see what you're trying to do.

You want to add custom feedback for learners when they click the Review Quiz button? That's not possible in the current version of Quizmaker. You can easily customize feedback for answers and choices, but during review, you're limited to viewing correct and incorrect choices.

I've seen users offer a pdf resource for quizzes that include detailed feedback around why each choice was correct or incorrect. The Review Quiz option.

David Anderson

Hi Silvia,

Yes, you can add attachments to your course player. When working in Quizmaker, you'll need to use the player tab.

The player attachments will always be visible during the course. This may not be desirable if you're including quiz answers. Another option would be to include slide-level attachments using basic hyperlinks in PowerPoint.

The neat thing in this example is you can include a hidden slide that users only after completing their quiz. 

And another idea you can consider is to use Web Objects to pull in an external attachment. The advantage here is you can manage, edit and update your attachments without having to republish your course each time. You just need to use the same file name and overwrite it on the server.

Jennifer Bircher

Hi all,

Based on this posting, I think I know the answer to my question, but thought I'd ask anyway.   I don't need customized feedback during the Quiz Review, but is it possible to move the position of the feedback? Poor planning on my part, but I just created several huge quizzes in which the Quiz Review feedback covers up a text box of instruction This affects about 50 slides and I'd rather not reformat them all. See below. Any way to move the "Correct/Incorrect" text? Thanks!