Quizmaker 360 Template: One-Time Use Only?

Apr 12, 2019

I created a new template for Quizmaker 360, with the appropriate fonts, colors, background images, screen size, and master slides and feedback master slides. I then saves it in My Articulate Projects/Quizmaker Templates as Quiz.quiztemplate.

I opened a new instance of Quizmaker, clicked From quiz template in the upper-left, and selected my Quiz.quizmaker template file. I then did a Save As, Save as Type: Quizmaker Quiz (*.quiz), selected a new folder, and gave the file a new name.

When I navigate (using Windows Explorer) back to My Articulate Projects/Quizmaker Templates, Quiz.quiztemplate has been deleted.

Why? I never issued that command. Why did Quizmaker decide to delete a template file, which by definition, should be a re-usable asset (as it is in every other program)?

Furthermore, if I change the file to Read-Only, Quizmaker insists in making it editable before it will open it. Why?

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