Quizzes fail to publish... often

Feb 22, 2012

I have a presentation with 9 separate one-question Quizmaker quizzes embedded. The trouble I'm having is that the quizzes don't load in the published content. There are several posts on the forum concerning this, and following the advice therin hasn't solved the problem. It seems that every time I need to publish, I have to refresh the quizzes in order to get them to publish correctly (I chose NOT to delete and reinstall the quizzes after the first try doing that, since there's narration and PPT notes associated with the quizzes in PPT).

I've also re-installed the Articulate suite, and that didn't help.

Finally, I created an Articulate Package, and took it to another machine. Once published some quizzes worked, and some didn't. Also, my attachments and logo failed to come across, but I'm sure that's a separate issue.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!!

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Melanie Sobie

I have no idea if these suggestions will help your situation, but I have found they have helped me resolve a lot of the weird little problems that crop up from time to time.

This one has to do with clearing the cache:


This one has to do with regenerating the project.log file:


Peter Anderson

Hey Dave,

I'd recommend sending us your files. Please create an Articulate Presenter package, then upload the zip file to our server. You can review how to do this here: 


Send to Articulate Presenter Package – Articulate Presenter ’09 Help


Upload the resulting zip file from your computer to our server using this upload form: 


Articulate Support - Upload Your Files for Review 


Please be sure to include a description of your issue, your version of PowerPoint, version of Windows and version of Presenter '09, which you can find in Help and Support -> About Articulate Presenter. Please also include the URL for this thread so I can follow up with you personally in the forums. And feel free to come back and leave your case number here so I can keep a close eye on it. Thanks!

Kathi Knight

Recently my laptop was upgraded to Windows 7 and Office 2010.  Prior to that the quiz results came to me without any problem.  NOW, I can't get ANY quiz results sent to me -- not the older programs that I published to our Portal last year OR the newer one that I published to our portal last week.  I have our IT department working on the problem, but they are as baffled as I am!  Any suggestions???


Peter Anderson

Hi Kathi, and welcome to Heroes!

Sorry for the frustration. I assume you're talking about having email results not being sent to you. This can happen for a variety of reasons, especially with newer systems. If you'd like to open a support ticket, you're welcome to do that, but I would first take a look at your security settings to see if you can fix the issue that way.

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