quizzmake termplates that apply to multiple question formats

Aug 10, 2011

I am building a quiz and want to uset the custom background that I have created for my ppt as teh background for my quiz.  The issue I have is that I have to redesign the backgrond for ezch type of question.  I can go into the slide view and do a cut an paste each time, but was wondring if there is a master slide option?

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Kevin Dowd

Hi Ari,

No, it wouldn't migrate into the other powerpoint slides.

I misunderstood.  I thought you were saying that within one quizmaker file you are going to have multiple slide masters.  If you do that, you can switch slide masters using the design tab.  However, if you just select another master it will switch everthing to the second master, you have to right click and select "this slide only."

If you are only using one slide master per quiz file, then you need not worry.

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