Quizzmaker 360 or Storyline 360 assessment question

Nov 01, 2018

Hi community!

I'm trying to create an exam that will have a large pool of questions (200+), divided into multiple categories. I want to select X number of questions from a pool of Y in each category.  I know how to do that part in both Quizzmaker and Storyline 360. The pieces I need help with are:

  • randomizing the questions pulled from the pool so that the ENTIRE exam is randomized, and not "Randomized Questions from Category 1", followed by "Randomized Questions from Category 2" and so forth. Is this possible?
  • creating a results slide that will show the learner a score (or proficiency level) for each category, AND an overall passing score. (The idea being that learners can see the categories in which they are deficient, and pursue further studies in those areas if necessary before a second exam attempt). 

Any assistance or suggestions you have would be most welcome! Thanks. :)

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Melissa,

Thanks for chiming in and sharing what you would like to accomplish for the design of your project.

You're correct and the randomize question option is within their own grouping and additional randomization of the groups is not a feature built-in to the software. I'm sure someone in the community would be able to chime in and share how they've accomplished a similar need.

For the results you would like to report, this conversation may be what you're looking for.

Hope that helps get you started and I look forward to what ideas others have to share.

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