Retrying Quiz after Finish Button

I have a quiz that allows 3 attempts to pass (100% needed for passing).  After 3 attempts, if the person does not pass, the Results Failure slide comes up.  When Failure, goes to slide #.  I've put a text box that says, click finish to retry and the quiz goes to the slide # chosen for Failure, but it does not let you go back into the quiz. 

Is there a way to have a person fail a quiz, go back into the course to a particular slide(s), make them  to re-read the information, and then take the test again? 

I'm using Presenter '13 with Quizmaker

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Debra Peralman

Yes, I have added the retry button. The problem is that the person who is giving the module wants them to go to a particular slide in the presentation when they fail the quiz, go through the series of slides relating to that quiz and then retake the quiz, BUT, when I set it up so that when they fail they go to a slide before the quiz, go through the slides relating to that quiz and then get to the quiz slide, it does not start at the beginning of the quiz, but show the failed slide.

To solve the problem, I've added a text box on the failure slide that says, Click Finish to review information and then retry the quiz. Then they click on finish, go to the correct slide and when they return to quiz failure slide they can use the Retry button. Of course, they can always hit retry without hitting finish.

Reasoning is that they have 3 attempts to get the correct answer, but must score 100% to exit the quiz and go to the next part of the training. Crazy, I know.
Thanks for the suggestion




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Crystal Horn

Thanks for letting us know how you're working with those options, Debra.  Hopefully most of your learners will funnel into reviewing the content before hitting the Retry button.

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