Review Question feedback -- How can I revise it?

Jun 11, 2017

I have a 20 question test (or quiz if you will) in my storyline.  Once the results slide appears and tells you what percentage and/or points you received you have the option to select the REVIEW QUIZ button and it automatically takes you through your responses for each question and shows you what you got correct and what you got wrong.  I like that functionality.  My problem is that Storyline is generating some type of feedback on the review slides and I can't find where to delete it or at least be able to revise it.  Three examples attached.  Does anyone know how to access that text and revise it?  I am referring to the text you can barely see pieces of in white font on the bottom part of the attached slide examples.

There is no text in the POST-QUIZ REVIEWtext field so I have no clue where this is coming from.   (see attachment "Review Example 4" )  Anyone have an idea?  Thanks!

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